What to Do When You’re Having Two: The Twins Survival Guide from Pregnancy Through the First Year

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When I had my twins in 2004 my circle of twin mom friends wasn’t large. I did not know anyone with twins, twins did not run in my family and I felt like I used to be learning EVERYTHING the hard way.


Back then I determined that something had to be done, and I wished there was once a book that covered the entire real-life topics that other books were missing. I vowed that when the twins started kindergarten, if no one wrote it, I would.
Fast forward and “What To Do When You’re Having Two” has hit the shelves and covers every topic from baby showers to postpartum depression.
The unique feature of this book is that it doesn’t end on the last page. The discussion continues daily on Twiniversity.com which reaches over 80,000 families in countries all over the world. We even have a very active social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram (@Twiniversity for them all). Twenty-four hours a day, you’ll ask questions, post your concerns and get feedback almost instantly.
Enjoy every page of my book, I wrote it just for YOU. Congratulations on your upcoming bundles of joy and when you have ANY questions, please email me at Natalie@Twiniversity.com. Best Wishes, Nat

About the Author

Founder of the Twiniversity website and director of the Manhattan Twins Club, Natalie Diaz has been featured widely in the media. She lives in New York City with her husband and their thirteen-year-old fraternal twins.






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